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A few good reasons to eat Living Food

  • The life force of food is greatly depleted or destroyed when it is cooked. The bioelectrical energy field is altered and greatly depleted, as is graphically demonstrated with kirlian photography.

  • The biochemical structure and nutrient makeup of the food is altered from its original state. Molecules in the food are deranged, degraded, and broken down. The food is degenerated in many ways.

  • Fiber in plant foods is broken down into a soft, passive substance that loses its broom-like and magnetic cleansing quality in the intestines.

  • Raw Food provides perfect health, balanced weight and vitality, improved clarity
    of mind and many other benefits.

  • Eating raw contributes towards improving the environment, (meat products deplete it)

  • Eating Raw makes a stand against over-processed, profit driven, genetically modified, food.

  • Eating raw  reduces the rampant cruelty of animals in
    delivering meat, chicken,
    fish and dairy to our supermarket shelves

  • Eating organic raw food increases the demand for organic produce thus leading to organic food becoming
    more affordable and more available.










































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For Raw fooders, this site is a resource for finding many useful links, services and suppliers in Southern Africa, that  are facilitating this trend towards superhealth and
sustainable living.
There are many fascinating websites on the fast growing Raw movement overseas, but not many here in Africa. We'll keep adding useful links to this directory as more become available on this side of the planet

On a cooked diet,
you survive. 

On a Raw diet
 you THRIVE !

For  curious 'normal' eaters, the site can help bring your attention to the 'missing link' in the food chain...Optimal Nutrition!

And shed some light on the dangers of eating mostly cooked food.

The bonus is that eating more Raw Food is one of the most effective things you can do to live lightly and responsibly on the planet.


People who have been eating raw organic vegan food for long periods of time show remarkable health, vitality, strength, and clarity of mind. Many have cured themselves of debilitating diseases. Optimum weight is reached and the ageing process slows down.

With the proliferation of :

  • chemical laden agriculture,

  • inhumane and unhealthy animal factory farming,

  • profit driven  processed foods, full of chemical additives and preservatives

  • genetically modified crops

  • the massive increase in cancer and other debilitating diseases,

... we owe it to ourselves to take personal responsibility for knowing about the origins and nutrients of the food that we innocently buy.

We have become addicted to convenience and taste, instead of serving our body's nutritional needs.

The consequences of this unhealthy way of eating is:

  • faster aging,

  • lethargy,

  • depressions,

  • obesity,

  • ADHD,

  • allergies,

  • candida,

  • hypoglycaemia,

  • bad skin,

  • poor memory,

  • mood swings, 

  • malnutrition,

  • diabetes,

  • indigestion,

  • heartburn,

  • cancer

  • Alzeimer's

....and many others

All these afflictions, even cancer, can be overcome by cutting out cooked food and eating mostly Raw.

Nutrients, enzymes, minerals and proteins are perfectly set up in raw food to easily digest as they pass through our systems. Raw food gives us energy and reinforces our immune system, enabling our bodies to remain the self-healing, self-regulating systems they were designed to be.

Any food heated over 40 degrees Celsius destroys the enzymes and proteins and our bodies have to work harder to manufacture enzymes to digest the food, thus robbing us of energy to do other things.

Manufactured food is riddled with chemicals to improve taste  and help it last longer on the supermarket shelf. It is usually cooked at very high temperatures, destroying most of the good stuff and then synthetic flavours are added back in to make it taste good again. 

It does seem strange that we deplete the nutrient value of our food before we eat it, that we prefer cooked or processed, chemical laden food, rather than wholesome, fresh,  energy giving food.

Through our demand for animal products, we have allowed  meat, and chicken farmers and fish companies to use astoundingly cruel methods to get those packages onto the shelf, not to mention the hormones, steroids, and anti-biotics, they use, which we then ingest.

There is such an abundance and variety  of natural delicious fruit, vegetables, sprouts, nuts and seeds available. Perfectly designed for humans to thrive on. We were not designed to have health insurance and medical aid. We just need to relearn how to prepare Raw food, to satisfy our need for intense taste thrills. There are some truly delicious recipes out there now to do just that. Its easy and its fast and there are no greasy pots and pans to wash up !


Here in Africa, we would do well to move back to the way our ancestors ate, straight off the land, without the chemicals and pesticides and additives in processed, long shelf-life food.

Fruit, vegetables, a few nuts and seeds and the occasional piece of game meat, has sustained man for millennia. Grains were only used in times of drought when fresh vegetables were not available. Maize farming was probably only introduced to Africa to supply cheap food for slave ships in the 16/17th century. Cooked maize has become the staple diet of many African nations and is one of the least nutritious meals for humans.

What's worse is the fast junk food outlets are springing up like parasites in every city, and home grown foods of village communities are becoming a distant memory to the millions of newly urbanised.  Long-life milk, synthetic fruit juices, masses of sweets and processed convenience foods have taken over our diets and the result is a general degeneration of health, more dependence on doctors and pharmaceuticals and the declining knowledge of how to produce our own food. 

We have become dependent on supermarkets.
The corporations that run them, along with the big food processing manufacturers, have placed nutrition and health way down on their list of priorities, well behind profits, shelf-life, branding, display, advertising, high volumes and fast turnover.

So, we can choose to buy into that system of exploitation by supporting processed food, fast food, and supermarkets or take back the only power we have - our buying power - and insist on nutritious organic food.

Your best bet is to learn to grow sprouts in your kitchen and grow your own vegetables, even if it is only in a few crates on your balcony. 

If more spare land was cultivated by individuals and communities, we wouldn't have food shortages, and we wouldn't be dependent on a system that exploits our taste buds for profit. We could swop excess from each other and encourage more wholesome home industries to thrive.

You might say, well people have been surviving quite adequately on processed and cooked food, so what's the big deal?  The big deal is the quality of life people on raw foods have found, (see benefits). Imagine never getting ailments, never needing drugs or doctors, feeling way more energetic, thinking more clearly, running faster, keeping up with your kids till a ripe old age.

Also - by buying organic food you make a statement about our right to nutritious food as opposed to food that depletes us and keeps us operating at half the speed, power and mental agility we were designed for.

You will only be doing yourself and your family a great service by :

introducing more and more raw living food into your diet (fresh food loses approximately 80% of its nutrients when cooked)

trying your best to find organic produce wherever possible (tests have been done that prove organic food has about 70% more nutrients than commercially grown crops, not to mention the pesticides and residues left on them).

learn how to grow vegetables in your garden, teach your kids that the best food comes from nature, not supermarkets. Put a sprout rack up in your kitchen for the most nutritious delicious accompaniments to every meal.

drop the stuff that just isn't doing you any good - sugar, cereals and sweets, fizzy cold drinks, bread, coffee, chocolate, cakes and other baked and processed goods with additives. There are so many testimonials out there about the radical improvement people feel when they do this.  Stop eating out of bags, boxes, bottles, containers, and cans. If it crinkles, don’t eat it. “Foods” in plastic containers and crinkly wrappers are generally overcooked and highly processed, far from whole and nutritious. Steer clear from anything that says "lite" or "no sugar - artificially sweetened" - aspartame is highly toxic and is in all diet drinks and foods. 

be a conscious consumer, and read the ingredients labels on everything you buy so at least you know that what you are buying comes with a double price: one to your pocket and one to your health.  Chemicals and preservatives are not doing you any good. They may not kill you, but they will accumulate in your system and dull your vitality, speed up your ageing process and could lead to painful diseases.

increase your consumption of the good stuff:  honey, fruit, salads, home-made green juices and green smoothies (delicious and energising...Really!)  nuts, sprouts and many gourmet raw dishes you can make  that will delight your palette and your digestive system.

Even if you don't want to follow a 100% Raw Vegan diet (which is much easier and tastier than you might think), this site will give you ideas to create a healthier lifestyle by simply adding MORE raw food to your meals. Every little bit more helps!

For people wanting to switch to all Raw, you'll find many links and articles and delicious recipes here to help you along your way.  It's a fascinating journey of rediscovery - finding delicious new tastes, knowing it's all good for you, (even raw chocolate) and learning to read what your body thrives best on.

Browse the site and some of the links to rediscover the delicious world
of Raw Natural Foods .  I welcome your comments and suggestions.


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