• Raw Food Right Now
    is a blog with news and information about the best of what the raw food world has to offer you. RFRN is for health conscious people who are passionate about raw food and healthy eating. This site offers information and inspiration to help you easily bring raw foods into your lifestyle in a way that works for you. Helping people since 2006!
  • The Fresh Network (UK-based)
    The UK’s most happening raw food resource, both online and off, which was formerly directed by Karen! Organisers of the annual Fresh Festival (2˝ day raw food extravaganza – the most upscale raw event in the world), publishers of Get Fresh! magazine (many would say the best raw food publication in the world) and an extensive online shop of raw foods, top of the range kitchen equipment, books, superfoods and much more.

  • Sunfood Nutrition (David Wolfe)
    David has been one of the pioneers of the Raw revolution and one of its main protagonists. His books are excellent and far more informative than his websites.

  • Angela Stokes Raw Reform
    Angela lost over 200 pounds and completely revolutionised her life. Amazing story
  • Nora's Raw School
    Lots of good info here
  • Living Foods.com (USA-based)
    The world’s largest raw food online resource that’s been around for years and is packed full of articles, recipes and much more.
  • Hippocrates Health Institute (Florida, USA)
    Founded by Ann Wigmore, now directed by Brian Clement, if you are ill or in need of some serious revitalizing or health re-education, this is the best place in the world to go for the most cutting-edge information and teaching with a raw and living food bias.
  • Living Light Culinary Arts Institute (California, USA)
    Home of Cherie Soria, “The Mother of Modern Raw Vegan Cuisine”. If you are looking for a place to learn how to make raw gourmet foods by the woman who trained Chad Sarno, Roxanne Klein and many more, then this is where you need to go!
  • Pete Vincent, Cellular Health Investigation (Cambs/Devon, UK)
    Pete Vincent is Karen's former co-director of The Fresh Network, regular contributor to Get Fresh! magazine and a trained live blood microscopist. Pete is now offering live blood microscopy within the UK to educate and motivate groups and individuals, with his aim to get people interested in their health before they lose it. See web site for more details, lots of fascinating information as well as the opportunity to sign up for his free highly informative cellular health investigation e-newsletter. Truly fascinating stuff!
  • The UK Centre for Living Foods (Shropshire, UK)
    Home of Elaine Bruce, author of Living Foods for Radiant Health and director of the Centre, based in Ludlow, Shropshire. Elaine was taught by “The Mother of Living Foods” Ann Wigmore, personally, and works to the highest ethics and ideals.
  • Sura Detox (Devon, UK)
    Sura Detox is the place to go for a complete rejuvenation and incredible amount of holistic health education. Extensive options available so see web site for details!
  • Alissa Cohen (US-based)
    Alissa’s work is some of Karen’s favourite, especially her Living on Live Food book and DVD. Check out her beautiful web site as well as her products and Raw Teacher programs.
  • Roe (US-based)
    Roe Gallo is one of Karen's favourite people on the planet! Roe is an incredible woman with masses to share about raw foods and also with the unique twist on raw food, body and sexuality.
  • Tonya Zavasta / Beautiful on Raw (US-based)
    Tonya is a fantastic inspiration to all women aspiring to look their physical best as a result of eating pure food. Karen highly recommends Tonya’s books as they are incredibly well written and extend way beyond beauty, even though their titles may suggest otherwise!
  • The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center (Arizona, USA)
    Located in Arizona and home to Gabriel Cousens MD, author of Spiritual Nutrition and Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine. Masses to read about here for those into raw food and spirituality, plus retreats to go on.

  • Pure Food & Wine (New York, USA)
    Now famously regarded as one of the best raw eateries on the planet; if you’re going to New York you have to check this out!

  • Vita Organic Restaurant (London, UK)
    A good raw food menu to choose from in the heart of Soho – ring ahead to check what’s being served though.

  • Raw Vegan Radio (International)
    Regular interviews with leading lights in the raw food world.

  • Why Organic? Organic Directory (UK General)
    A Soil Association web site, this is a gold mine of all organic related subjects and also gives you access to the Organic Directory online to find your nearest UK organic supplier / farm shop etc.

  • Edible Cosmetics & Toiletries (International mail order)
    Quite literally, the first cosmetics that have been certified food grade organic and that you could eat if you wanted to! (They will look better on your face though...) This range hails from Australia, is beautifully packaged, is the purest range in the world to date and is available by mail order internationally. Also have great toiletries, skin care etc.

  • Raw Gaia (UK mail order)
    Beautiful and indulgent raw, vegan, organic skincare for men and women who are looking for the purest skincare products quite possibly on the planet. Used (and loved!) by Karen.

  • Raw Food World Summit
    FREE Access to Incredible Living Food and Health Experts

  • Raw For 30 Days The Movie
    Can foods heal? Can diabetes be reversed or cured through diet?

  • http://www.HowToGoRaw.com
    Have you been struggling with doing the raw food diet? This site will help you to reach your raw food goals. You'll learn how to do the diet correctly, plus you'll learn the skills to motivate and make you enjoy the raw diet. It doesn't have to be a struggle. 
  • http://www.ThinkandGoRaw.com 
    "Discover the 33 Techniques and the Mental Mindset You Need to Succeed at Staying 100% Raw Long-term."
  • http://www.foodnsport.com
    Dr. Douglas Graham is a raw food genius. He has trained top Professional and Olympic athletes from all around the world to improve their athletic performance with the raw food diet. He's also a fasting expert and a friend of mine. He's one of the main people responsible for helping me to be successful at being 100% raw.
  • Living Nutrition Raw Food Magazine, Books and Resources
    Dave Klein is the publisher of Living Nutrition Magazine and one of the top leaders of 100% raw Natural Hygiene movement. Living Nutrition Magazine is more like a book and a must have if you are a raw or living foodist. Dave also sells many hard to find raw books and raw food related products. Just click the banner above to find out more.

  • http://www.healthfullivingintl.org/
    Great articles and more from the top Natural Hygiene leaders in the world. 
  • http://fredericpatenaude.com/
    He has a great book called "Raw Secrets"
  • www.rawschool.com
    This is Nora Lenz's Natural Hygiene website. She is an excellent Raw Food Coach. You'll learn a lot from her site. 
  • Arnold's Way  - over 100 articles on the raw food diet.
  • Living Foods
    This site is an excellent resource for Raw Foodists all over the world. It has loads of free articles, recipes, marketplace, raw singles board and an online raw food community discussion boards. And much more
  • http://www.rawfood.com
    Has all sorts of raw food books. You can also check out famous raw foodists and learn about them. 
  • http://www.rawfoodsnewsmagazine.com 
    Great Raw Food Resource.
  • http://www.waisays.com/ 
    Controversial Raw Food site. Lots of fantastic articles. It's like a book.
  • http://www.treeoflife.nu/ 
    Dr. Gabriel Cousens' website.


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